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HOWDY FOLKS. Deadpool here. I'm here to talk about something very important: me. As you might have noticed if you passed by a theater after a parent accidentally took their child to my movie, I'm really R-rated. Like, limbs being cut off and sex montages R rated. You may have also noticed that I am currently talking to you in the first person. Almost as if... there are three walls... and an invisible fourth one... and I have a lot of grenades that have blown it up....

Also, you know. My movie just came out and I won't get a sequel unless everyone goes to see it so tell me if I should avoid spoilers!

SO yeah. Permissions. Figured I should do some of those! So without further ado, please fill out the handy little box right there!

Also as a note from the ACTUAL ooc side of things.... please please please come talk to me if you ever are uncomfortable with anything Deadpool does. I'm [ profile] antivillain on plurk or aboutblood on AIM. Deadpool is a insane handful and he can be super fun but... yeah. Yeah. So please don't hesitate! Even if it's something as small as your yellow font hurts my eyes pls stop or bigger like if you don't want to opt out but do want me to tone it down. I AM OPEN TO ANYTHING.
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Name: Shana.
DW username: [personal profile] effulgent
E-Mail: shananagin @ gmail
IM: aboutblood
Plurk: [ profile] antivillain

Other Characters: Dipper, Beatrice, Bubblegum

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